We’re Here to Help Protect Your Family

Language barriers have been shown to increase the likelihood of fire-related injuries and death.

That’s why the California Fire Foundation is partnering with fire departments and local fire unions up and down California to bring fire safety messages directly to the state’s Chinese communities.

With generous support from corporate partners, “We’re Here to Help Protect Your Family” offers pubic service messages in both Mandarin and Cantonese dialects as well as in English. The program, which also provides printed educational material in Chinese and English, seeks to bring specific, relevant home fire safety messages directly from firefighters. Community-based organizations will also be able to  distribute the information.

The program is launching with local partnerships:

  • San Diego: San Diego City Firefighters Local#145 and the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (read the news release)
  • Los Angeles County: Los Angeles County Firefighters Local #1014 and Los Angeles County Fire Department (read the news release)
  • Oakland: Oakland Firefighters Local #55 and Oakland Fire Department

These fire safety Public Service Announcements are produced as part of the California Fire Foundation’s Firefighters on Your Side program.

California’s firefighters … on your side

Watch the PSAs and read & download the educational material. 

CLICK HERE to download the PSA video files.

Click HERE to view the “3 Simple Steps” information pamphlet in English.

Click HERE to view the “3 Simple Steps” information pamphlet in Chinese.

WATCH — San Diego

:30 — English


:30 — Mandarin

WATCH — Los Angeles

:30 — English

:30 — Mandarin

WATCH — Bay Area

:30 — English

:30 — Cantonese

:30 — Mandarin