Success Stories

The California Fire Foundation’s Firefighters On Your Side program has been making a positive difference in communities since the program launched in 2008. See how some firefighters have successfully implemented the program in their community.

CPF Firevision

CPF Firevision is California Professional Firefighters’ online news service. Fresno’s Littlest Hero: A Fresno 7-year-old saves her sisters and grandmother from a fire, with some help from “Firefighters On Your Side.”

Fire Foundation Program Helps 7-Year-Old Save Family

Seven-year-old Adriana Ignacio was honored for her heroism after her quick thinking helped save her family from a raging fire in her Fresno home. Adriana helped guide her grandmother and two little sisters from the blaze using lessons from the California Fire Foundation’s Firefighters On Your Side program.

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Fresno Firefighters Reach Hispanic Community Through Firefighters On Your Side

In Fresno, where nearly 40 percent of residents are Hispanic, fire safety messages can get lost in translation. Firefighters still recall the story of the little girl, who was killed in a house fire in Fresno last year, because her family didn’t know the importance of smoke detectors.

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Fresno FFs Reach Out to Senior Citizens with Disaster Preparedness Help

Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. For Fresno’s senior citizens, these are just a few disasters that can strike at any moment and Fresno Firefighters Local 753 has launched its latest program to reach this vulnerable community with disaster preparedness help. The program was created by the California Fire Foundation, which brings public service announcements and evacuation planning materials to elderly individuals.

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California City Launches Disaster Preparedness Workshops

California City Firefighters held the first of two disaster preparedness workshops last week to highlight evacuation planning and special precautions for the elderly population in the event of a disaster. California City Firefighters Local 3903 has partnered with the California Fire Foundation to bring public service announcements and evacuation planning materials to elderly individuals at these disaster preparedness workshops.

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California Fire Foundation Launches Disaster Evacuation Awareness Campaign to Educate Senior Citizen Community

In an effort to raise awareness of special safety measures senior citizens must take when planning for a disaster, the California Fire Foundation is launching a statewide campaign aimed at educating senior citizens about the importance of taking special precautions when making an evacuation plan.

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