Fresno FFs Reach Out to Senior Citizens with Disaster Preparedness Help

Earthquakes. Fires. Floods.

For Fresno’s senior citizens, these are just a few disasters that can strike at any moment and Fresno Firefighters Local 753 has launched its latest program to reach this vulnerable community with disaster preparedness help.

The program was created by the California Fire Foundation, which brings public service announcements and evacuation planning materials to elderly individuals.

Last week, Fresno Firefighters held its first workshop at the community center of Senior Citizens Village to discuss the possible disasters that Fresno residents may encounter. During the course of the workshop, Local 753 offered planning tips, including making a medication list, putting together an evacuation kit and designating an emergency contact.

“This will be the first of many visits that we’re planning to target seniors throughout the community,” said Fresno Firefighters President Gerry Smith. “Our goal is to equip our city’s elderly population to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Preparedness is key.”

Fresno Firefighters are also starting a program to promote File of Life, a mini-medical history that can be posted on the refrigerator for first responders. The file includes the resident’s name, doctor’s name, allergies, medications, insurance information and more, in the event that the resident is sick, unconscious or unable to provide this information in case of emergency. The File of Life will be available to all residents at fire stations next month.